This is the best models of smartphones that offer the best for what they cost

27 Sep

If we stick to get the best at the lowest possible price , the high-end of previous generations, teams on sale or with specific discounts, as well as a medium-high range each year more competent for the general public, are the most logical decisions and recommended. In many of the cases, their services fully satisfy the uses we are going to give the terminal.

On this occasion, so that you can choose your new phone more easily, we have made a division between high-level terminals (and varied in the configuration and approach) but divided by price margins, from the best smartphones for less than 200 euros even models that far exceed that figure but within its range are the best you can get without paying more than 500 euros.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
Although in the Xiaomi catalog abound the terminals with good quality / price ratio, the Redmi Note 4 is especially recommended for the size of its screen and resolution, the huge battery ( you have your analysis in Engadget ), a good finish despite its price and double SIM. It also does not lack the fingerprint reader.

Moto G5 / G5s
After a couple of years of doubt, Motorola returns to reign in the range of input / media with two terminals that offer the most for its price. The most representative model of this year and highly recommended is the Moto G5 , with a large screen and which substantially improves the camera, as well as the finish. A very interesting novelty is that we have a fingerprint reader.

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